My top 3 takeaways from my ‘build’

As I’m contemplating about going into my next build in the Autumn and I’ve been taking some pictures for my trainer of where I’m currently at, I thought I would re-post this blog post from last year when I’d just finished my first ever build. I really want to do another build but am slightly nervous as it’s taken me what seems like an age

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Dolly mixtures and body mass index

Let’s talk BMI….

My weight’s stabilised again over the last 4 weeks, so last week my coach increased my food again slightly. It’s amazing how your body does get used to eating more, I actually find I’m getting hungry before meals now and very rarely feel full. Dread to think what it’s going to be like when I start leaning off again … Anyways that a while off yet. But more food means more PWO carbs, and so I get more dolly mixtures!! Continue reading

Minor meltdown

I’m now about 12-13 weeks into my build and according to my coach I have possibly another 10 weeks to go. Which scares me slightly … I have a goal to be leaner by the time we go to Croatia in July (Ultra festival again … too excited already) and she’s allowing approx 10 weeks for me to lean off. Continue reading

How personal development led me to this awesome recipe …

One of resolutions for this year was around personal development and this is resulting in me reading, listening to and watching a lot of books and videos.  I was watching/listening to one of Sarah Robbins youtube videos today (highly recommended for personal development and more specifically network marketing – def check her out!), and she happened to mention that her sister had built out a business called Dashing Dish which was a website with some awesome healthy recipes on. Continue reading

Fat loss, Carbs and refeeds

You can imagine my excitement when my cwt coach told me it was time for introducing refeeds into my plan! I’d heard about infamous refeeds but didn’t really understand how they worked too much. I still can’t explain the detail of the science behind your hormones etc in your body, but do know that having refeeds can help bring your body back into balance and so be in a better state for continued fat loss. Continue reading

I’m back …

So I started well …. Goal was to get my blog up and running by the end of Jan – goal hit! But then nothing. Struck down with various cold viruses and I’ve only in the last couple of days felt like normal, but I have been making a note of everything I want to blog about. So back on it Where to start though? A good place might be one of my passions – you might have already got an inkling that I love lifting weights and going to the gym – Continue reading