My top 3 takeaways from my ‘build’

As I’m contemplating about going into my next build in the Autumn and I’ve been taking some pictures for my trainer of where I’m currently at, I thought I would re-post this blog post from last year when I’d just finished my first ever build. I really want to do another build but am slightly nervous as it’s taken me what seems like an age

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Minor meltdown

I’m now about 12-13 weeks into my build and according to my coach I have possibly another 10 weeks to go. Which scares me slightly … I have a goal to be leaner by the time we go to Croatia in July (Ultra festival again … too excited already) and she’s allowing approx 10 weeks for me to lean off. Continue reading

Officially muscle building … and growing out of clothes!

I’m now 2 months into my build and I’m thinking it’s time for an update. Possibly going to add some before and after pics here if I dare … I said I’d keep it real with documenting ┬ámy progress as having a heads up in terms of the changes physically and mentally I think is really helpful if you’re considering going into a build. When I was looking into doing this I couldn’t find much info about what to expect, the mental part of it and how to cope with the scales going up and clothes getting tighter. So here’s a run down of where I’m at … Continue reading