My new favourite foundation

I didn’t actually realise I had weird skin until I started my little makeup biz … and once I plucked up courage to start making videos I realised I had more than just spots!!  I think I may have rosacea, but I’ve used various treatments and it doesn’t get any better. But on a plus side it’s great for showing how fab our foundation products are.

This is my new favourite combo, mixing the BB cream with the touch perfecting concealer = amazing coverage.


If you know of any good treatments that might help reduce the actual redness, I’m all ears. X


How to get a flawless, line free, silky smooth, photo finish complexion

So I’m in love ….. or as close to being in love and happy as I can be whilst my partner’s living it up in Ibiza and I’m in the UK running round like a headless chicken. Why am I happy – I got my delivery of free makeup last night – all of the new Younique products launched this autumn. This includes the new liquid foundation and liquid concealer. WOW. Continue reading