My new favourite foundation

I didn’t actually realise I had weird skin until I started my little makeup biz … and once I plucked up courage to start making videos I realised I had more than just spots!!  I think I may have rosacea, but I’ve used various treatments and it doesn’t get any better. But on a plus side it’s great for showing how fab our foundation products are.

This is my new favourite combo, mixing the BB cream with the touch perfecting concealer = amazing coverage.


If you know of any good treatments that might help reduce the actual redness, I’m all ears. X


Winter Beauty Tips

Winters a tough time for our skin, cold and windy weather, air conditioning, not a lot of sunlight… there’s no wonder our complexions can look a bit dull and pale, so here are my favourite ways to bring some sparkle and glow back into your face and carray you all the way though to those Spring, sunny months. Continue reading

How to get a flawless, line free, silky smooth, photo finish complexion

So I’m in love ….. or as close to being in love and happy as I can be whilst my partner’s living it up in Ibiza and I’m in the UK running round like a headless chicken. Why am I happy – I got my delivery of free makeup last night – all of the new Younique products launched this autumn. This includes the new liquid foundation and liquid concealer. WOW. Continue reading

Festival Beauty Essentials Part 2

It’s official we’re now into full summer festival mode – whoop whoop! Mine starts in 6 weeks time – festival combined with a 2 week summer holiday in Croatia, and I cannot wait!! So I’m starting to think about what I need clothes and makeup wise for festivals and holidays.  Online orders for clothes have gone in, now for the makeup!  You can find my first half of this post about festival essentials here, and these are my other top 5 items that you NEED to survive the wonderful craziness of a music festival! Continue reading