Hosting an Online Beauty Workshop

Yayyy so you’re going to be hosting an online beauty/makeup class with your friends and family – get ready to have some fun, learn some fab tips for makeup application and earn yourself some party rewards that you can spend on some gorgeous Younique makeup and beauty goodies!!  

So let’s get started!  Here are some steps and tips to help ensure a successful, fun and just all-around great time for you and your friends. But to kick off, you’d probably like to know what’s in it for you as the hostess for this workshop. Weellllllll the party rewards are AMAZING. They come in 2 forms:
  1. Y-Cash: this is money/credit in your Younique account which you can use to spend on anything in the Younique catalogue.
  2. Half price items: this is amazing.  You can use the half price item discount on ANYTHING in the Younique catalogue including the fab ‘Collections’, which means you get amazing value for money on these lovely cosmetic sets.

To start earning party rewards your party must reach 200 points, which is the equivalent of about 7 mascaras, or the equivalent value in other products.  EASY!! The more sales that are made in your event = the bigger the rewards for you!

Setting up your beauty workshop in a facebook group

So let’s get inviting friends to your makeup class and your facebook group! I’ll create a Facebook group for your workshop, add you and will send you the link to the facebook group. You then add your friends to this facebook group – but before you do this – you need to send them a personal message telling them what it’s all about. If you were holding this at your home, you’d invite everyone by texting, calling or in person (you wouldn’t just drag them in off the street into your house on the night would you??). Messaging your guests is  really important, to ensure you have a great event. Send each person a message or text, letting them know about your makeup class, what it’s all about and also include the facebook group link in the message.IMG_1703.JPG

Hey (friends name), I just wanted to let you know I’m hosting an online FB makeup class next week and would love for you to join me. It’s all online, so really simple and fun – you don’t even need to leave your house.  Helen (the makeup maniac/advisor) is gonna be sharing tips, tutorials and a also doing a giveaway in the makeup class – so I hope you can make it. I’ll add you to the group, but here’s the link to the Facebook group where it’s all going down.

Send this message before you add them to the facebook group. Once you’ve sent them a message, wait a 2-3 hours and then add them to the FB group.  That way they’ll have had chance to read your message and won’t be surprised when they see that they’ve been added to the group.

At the same time you should post a welcome message in your makeup class/facebook group for your guests to see when they first check the group out. This is something that I could do for you, BUT your friends are more likely to see and more likely to stick around in the group if the welcome message is from you. To make it easy for you, here’s an example that you can copy – just make it personal to you.

Hi lovely ladies! I’m super excited to hold this makeup workshop, if you’re anything like me you wanna know the tips and tricks to looking fab – but in as little time as possible.   This is what this class is all about – my crazy beauty advisor will be posting info about tutorials, makeup tips and more!! Say ‘Hi’ in the comments below …

Posting during the workshop

I’ll be doing most of the posts in the group – 2-3 tutorial posts/videos each day but again it will help massively if you also get involved in posting sometimes. The way facebook works means that your friends are more likely to see YOUR posts than my posts.  Plus, let’s face it – I’m just the makeup girl to your friends, but to your friends you are a credible source!!  They care what you say and your opinion.  So, please get involved, tag friends in posts that you think they’d be interested in, comment on posts you’re interested in, ask questions, talk about the tips you want to see, which of the products you like the sound of. Your involvement makes a big big difference to how successful the makeup class is. Let me know if you want me to help with ideas for posts etc.

So you’re now ready to be the hostess with the most-ess – lets rock your makeup workshop!