What’s the best mascara for longer, thicker lashes?

Aren't we all in search for the perfect mascara? One that does everything? Makes your lashes longer, thicker and curls them. Why do beauty companies make mascaras that do on or the other, I've never understood this. I think I have actually found one that ticks all of the boxes, and after talking to other … Continue reading What’s the best mascara for longer, thicker lashes?

What’s an online beauty class?

In a nutshell it's a fun, free online get together with some of your friends where we chat makeup / beauty tutorials and advice. Why should you host one? You choose what we cover in the tutorials ... so all those questions you have about smokey eyes, brows, contouring ... I help answer them! It's aimed … Continue reading What’s an online beauty class?

What is Younique and how does it work?

So you’re probably reading this after having a conversation with me or someone else about Younique, or you might just have stumbled across this when reading my blog. Either way, hopefully the info below will give you some useful insights into this amazing company and the opportunity it provides anyone and everyone!! What is Younique? Younique […]