Welcome to my blog!  I’m here to share everything I’m learning in relation to my big 3 hobbies – they gym (weights!), anything make-up and beauty wise, and lastly my love of dance music. So if you’re interested in one or all of these things then you might find my some of my blogs entertaining …. or maybe even useful.

As food and eating to support my training goals is such a big part of my life, I’m also going to try and post some of my go-to meals and recipes on here as well.  I work full time, travel a lot and go to the gym occasionally (lol), so I often prep a lot of food in advance so that it’s ready for the week ahead – when I don’t have the luxury of hours in the kitchen to cook. Hopefully some of these hints and tips might be useful for you if you find you’re hard pressed to cook in the working week.

Enjoy! x