Welcome to my world .. an alternative lifestyle to motherhood! In my late 30’s I finally started to care less about what other people thought of me and my lifestyle, and decided to just do things that I enjoy! That generally involves anything to do with music, training in the gym and makeup – 3 passions I’ve had for a number of years that have led me to live a completely different way of life (work and non work) compared to many of my friends my age.

Some may mock my way of life, but I honestly do not worry about their opinions, and just know that I want to enjoy this life that I’m so grateful to have. We all have a choice how to make the most of the time we have and I would never knock anyone else decisions, we all want different things.

So hopefully my ramblings, adventures and ups and downs will keep you amused and entertained as that’s all I’m aiming to do with this blog, and to help me capture my many memories … as you know, the memory isn’t quite like it was now I’m ‘of age’ as my other half likes to remind me 🙂