Beauty hacks in your 40’s

I had the joy of turning 44 this week! There I said it … without heart palpitations. For probably the last 7 years, which coincides with me having a younger (by 12 years) boyfriend btw, I’ve been reluctant to turn another year older. BUT a couple of months ago, Facebook did that thing of reminding you of a friends birthday. In this case it popped up reminding me that a friend who’d died from breast cancer 4 years ago, was 40 that day – yeah Facebook still doesn’t know everything. And that really hit home. I remembered my close friend who died at 18, and I just thought “what the hell”, don’t you ever moan about getting old again.

This pics from 2014, couldn’t find an older one to show the age difference – looks wise!

But should we grow old gracefully, or do everything in our power to stop those lines and wrinkles, sagging jawline and sunken eyes? I’ll be honest, seeing said younger boyfriend getting older definitely helps with my attitude to this. When we got together I was 37 and he was 25 – that physically looks massively different! Now I feel like the 44:32 look isn’t as extreme. I feel like we look less like mother and son going out for dinner. But I still just wanna look good for me.

So what’s different with beauty routines, and makeup application in your 40’s?

  1. Well typically your skin becomes drier, unless you’re me and you still have oily, spot breakout prone skin that a 20 something has – see how nature cheats you sometimes?!? So you often need to look for more hydrating moisturisers and foundations, BB creams are perfect! You can use powder for setting, but find a really fine, soft finishing powder that will fix your makeup but keep it soft, and that won’t set into those laughter lines.
  2. Use nude shadows to even out the redness and veins in the eyelids, before applying any other eye shadow or even if you’re not ‘doing’ eyes that day. It’ll make your eyes look brighter and younger. And your mascara will look better.
  3. Lash serums are great at any age, but especially as you get older. Our hair becomes thinner, as do our lashes and brows. So a lash serum is really going to help nourish them and keep them looking longer and thicker.
  4. And finally brows! The one thing that really defines and shapes your face and eyes, but again the volume and colour will fade. So find either a great brow liner or brow powder (I prefer the latter) to help bring shape and fullness back to your brows. You won’t believe the difference this makes!

And age will make your rosacea flare up more!

There are so many more tips for beauty in your 40’s but these are some of my simple, but really effective ones.

So are you growing gracefully or kicking and screaming every step of the way? Honestly the other benefits that can come with getting older … confidence, independence, self worth .. far, far outweigh any physical changes in my opinion. But that’s another blog!

Thanks for reading – H x