Dolly mixtures and body mass index

Let’s talk BMI….

My weight’s stabilised again over the last 4 weeks, so last week my coach increased my food again slightly. It’s amazing how your body does get used to eating more, I actually find I’m getting hungry before meals now and very rarely feel full. Dread to think what it’s going to be like when I start leaning off again … Anyways that a while off yet. But more food means more PWO carbs, and so I get more dolly mixtures!!

So every other week I weigh in, and send my measurements. I always weigh in pounds, and have never stopped to calculate what that is in stones and pounds, until last week. And I was surprised haha, so much so that I got home and checked my BMI, and yeah sure enough I’m now medically classed as ‘overweight’ according to my BMI. Rather than freaking out, I’m kind of amazed. So yes I’ve gone up a dress size, and I know I’m bigger, but I wouldn’t say I looked overweight (and that’s coming from someone who’s usually super self critical). And I still have my upper abs … I’m figuring BMI is a good indicator for health generally, but in some instances it’s maybe not a true reflection for some people.

And some changes!

Added to this, there seems to be some magic happening in my upper body. My coach always says when you’re leaning off, you can go for periods when you don’t see much change but they’re the most important times as things are happening on the inside – and then the magic happens and suddenly you see a difference. It feels like that’s happening with my build too .. I’ve been seeing subtle changes all over, but this last couple of weeks my upper body seems to have grown. And I’ve even had two guys, separately, comment on how strong I look and how my shoulders and upper body are looking more muscled. Soooo I think it’s all going okay at the moment. The only problem is my traps are growing at a faster rate than everything else. It’s always been the case though.

I have at least another 6 weeks to go, I wanna get to 100kg on my sumo squats before I lean off, it’s only 10kg away, but think it’ll be a challenge. Or maybe not ..


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