Winter Beauty Tips

Winters a tough time for our skin, cold and windy weather, air conditioning, not a lot of sunlight… there’s no wonder our complexions can look a bit dull and pale, so here are my favourite ways to bring some sparkle and glow back into your face and carray you all the way though to those Spring, sunny months.

  1. Rich moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. Dry skin can age us loads, and no one wants that! imageI use our eye lift serum all over my face at night in winter to help hydrate it.  This stuff is fab for reducing lines and wrinkles around your eyes but also amazing for dry skin … and so much does such a long way. You can even mix it in with your daily moisturiser to give you some extra moisture during the day.
  2. Creating a smooth surface for your makeup. Again dehydrated skin causes more lines, dry patches and unevenness in our skin tone. When you apply foundation immediately on top, those imperfections are still visible. Soooo here’s where a great face primer will work wonders. Smoothing over the perfections and hiding the problem areas. Then when you apply your foundation your complexion looks flawless. Face primer isn’t just for making your makeup last longer.
  3. BB cream!!! Most people think of this for summer, and yes it’s great then, but it’s also incredible for winter months. Youniques BB cream creates a soft dewy look, which is just what you want in winter, it creates warmth in your face and a gorgeous flattering youthful glow. Plus you’re getting extra moisture into your skin and counteracting those signs of dehydration and ageing. You can apply with your fingers or a brush. I use the blusher brush to buff it into my skin. This way you can also build your coverage. And remember our BB cream can be used for contouring also (I’ll do a separate post on that).
  4. Highlighting (contouring) really makes a difference in the winter, it prevents your skin looking flat and just one colour.image If you use a cream concealer for this, you’ll also be able to double up and use it to hide dark circles and bags under your eyes. I can’t live without our skin perfecting concealer as I suffer from dark circles under my eyes, but I also use this to highlight my face. It’s creamy and moisturing and blends so well into your skin, and doesn’t congeal in fine lines (I hate when that happens). For highlighting, pick 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation colour. I use scarlet or organza.
  5. Bronzer is your best friend in winter! Even more so than summer. In summer you get a natural glow from the sun, but we lose this in winter. A great bronzer will give you a subtle, gentle natural SAFE glow to carry you through the winter months. You can also double up and use this for contouring as well, again creating depth and shape to your face.  image

So don’t let the winter months hide your beauty and glow, you can still shine and look gorgeous without the sun.