How to get a flawless, line free, silky smooth, photo finish complexion

So I’m in love ….. or as close to being in love and happy as I can be whilst my partner’s living it up in Ibiza and I’m in the UK running round like a headless chicken. Why am I happy – I got my delivery of free makeup last night – all of the new Younique products launched this autumn. This includes the new liquid foundation and liquid concealer. WOW.

I’m very, very picky when it comes to my foundation and concealers, and think I’m high maintenance for the following reasons:

  • I still, even at my age suffer from oily, breakout skin. I thought there were some bonuses to getting more mature … one of which my acne improving –to counteract the fact I would get more lines. Apparently not, as I still suffer at those times of the month and also just generally whenever my skin feels like it. This means that I have to be super careful of what I put on my face.
  • Because I’m more ‘mature’ now, I’m really conscious of foundations and concealers that dry and set into the lines in your face and around your eyes. I always look out for sheer foundations that are illuminous, deflect the light from those areas and soften lines, and create a glow.
  • Previously I’ve loved the Bobbi Brown Illuminous but they’ve discontinued it and I ended up using Bare Minerals but really didn’t get on with their liquid foundation. So then I discovered Younique’s BB creams – which when combined with the Touch powder gives amazing foundation like coverage. However the BB creams were a bit too moisturising on my oily skin, especially if I’d applied sunscreen prior to applying the BB cream. However I do love the sheer effect that the bb cream gives and I found setting it with the Touch powder worked fine … until I discovered the liquid foundation

When I heard that Younique were launching a liquid foundation I was excited … but also a bit nervous. I really wanted it so live up to my expectations – but knew that it was going to be pretty hard for that to happen. I started to hear rave reviews from my y-sisters in the US who’d got their hands on it, but I was still unsure. However after 2 days of using it, I can honestly say this is one of the best foundations I have ever used.

  • The tiniest amount goes a massively long way – like I mean 3 drops and that’s your entire face done. The bottle will last months.
  • There’s no caking or showing of dry patches of skin
  • It doesn’t crease and sitting in the lines in your face or around your eyes
  • Coverage is outstanding – covers redness and spots, and creates a smooth, flawless finish
  • It’s buildable – you can add more for extra coverage or just a light base for a lighter look img_6840
  • It lasts all day, you can be confident that you still look as good at the end of the day as you did at the beginning. I apply it at 6am, full day in the office, then the gym – and it still looks amazing after that at 10pm. Set it with the Touch foundation for even longer staying power

So what’s best foundation choice for your skin type?

  • Dry – I’d recommend either the BB cream of the Touch cream foundation. Both are really moisturising and perfect for dry skins. The touch cream comes in a greater range of shades, but the BB creams can be easily blended using two shades and are also perfect for contouring. So try both out and find the one that works for you.
  • Combination – Actually you have the widest choice to try here … and it somewhat depends on whether you use a moisturiser or if you want to combine all in one:
    • If you’re using moisturiser – just go with the liquid foundation, you will love it!
    • If you want to double up – have a moisturiser and foundation in one, then choose the BB cream and apply the touch powder to set on your t-zone/oily area
    • Liquid foundation is also perfect for combination skins (my skin is combination at best/certain times of the month, and oily on other days)
  • Oily – either the Touch powder on it’s own, or combine the liquid foundation and set with the Touch powder. I prefer the latter as this just gives extra setting and staying power – but without any caking.

Choosing a shade for the foundations is really easy – follow this guide img_6743and remember our love it guarantee
means that if you get a shade and try it out at home – if it’s not right for your skin tone, you can send it back/exchange it and get a different shade.

Risk free buying with Younique – we know that investing and trying out new makeup can be an expensive experiment sometimes, that why we offer the love it guarantee … we want you to love everything that you buy from us and feel that you’ve spent your hard earned cash wisely.

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