5 amazing things you need to know about Younique

So you’re probably reading this after having a conversation with me or someone else about Younique, or you might just have stumbled across this when reading my blog. Either way, hopefully the info below will give you some useful insights into this amazing company and the opportunity it provides anyone and everyone!!

What is Younique? Younique is currently the fastest growing online, direct sales cosmetic company. So instead of spending millions on having beauty counters and beauticians in department stores selling their products alongside a big global marketing and branding team, Younique pay the likes of you and me to share the love for their products. Something that we do with a lot of products and businesses every day but we just don’t get paid for it normally – “oh we went to an amazing restaurant the other night, you should try it”, or “wow I have found the best eye cream, I’ve told everyone about it – you need to get it before it sells out”. We’re present in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico, France, Spain, Hong Kong and Italy!  As a Younique presenter you’re able to sell and build you business in all of these countries, not just the one you’re resident in. AMAZING right???

How does it work? When you sign up with Younique (purchase your presenters kit) you immediately, within a matter of minutes, get your own online website with all the products on and where you customers can make their purchases from. We share the love and info about our fabulous products in a variety of ways; through ‘beauty bashes’ – these can be online such as Facebook events or in-home pamper nights. You’re also able to sell at beauty and wedding fairs, and lastly share the love to people you don’t even know via social media. This means that it doesn’t matter how many people you know, who like makeup etc – because you’re sharing and talking about Younique and your business online you can reach potential customers in other towns, cities and even other countries. At the same time as gaining customers you’ll start to find people who also want to become a Younique presenter, and so you begin to build your own team out by sponsoring and helping others build their Younique businesses. Signing up and buying your presenters kit is the only thing you need to pay for to start your Younique business, there are no ongoing fees, monthly targets etc. You just buy your starter kit and you’re good to go – I earnt the cost of the starter kit back, plus a lot more, in my first month. Click on this link – presenters kit – to find out what you get.

How do you get paid? Another incredible part of Younique. You get paid commission 4 hours after every sale on your website. This means if you need cash fast, you can absolutely get it – no waiting until the end of the week/month to get paid before you can go out again …. or even buy groceries etc. Just get out there talking about the mascara, sharing the love and bam you have the extra cash you need. In addition to the commission, you will also receive y-cash (Younique credit) and 1/2 price products meaning that you never need to pay for your makeup again. And if that’s not enough, Younique Corporate run additional incentives throughout the year including fabulous trips – this year it’s an all inclusive trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

And the Products? They really are amazing! I was dubious about whether a 2 yr old cosmetic company could develop makeup products that competed with brands like Bare Minerals, MAC, Bobbi Brown etc. But they absolutely do. I was a loyal Bare Minerals customer (apart from mascara), and have really suffered with acne throughout most of my adult life so am super cautious when it comes to what I put on my face. I’ve now switched over all of my premium skin care and makeup products to Younique and my skin is looking amazing. The best selling product is the 3D fiber lashes+ mascara  – if you haven’t used it, you need to get your hands on it. Again before I tried the 3D+ I was a Maybelline mascara girl. I’d tried all of the premium brands and didn’t think they were worth the money, always reverting back to Maybelline. I tried the 3D mascara and was hooked. It’s the only mascara I have in my makeup kit now. And because we’re so confident that our customers will LOVE their Younique purchases, we offer a Love It Guarantee that means customers can try the products out at home, and if they’re not 100% happy are able to get a refund or exchange – no questions asked. Does MAC offer that?

Why should you consider joining Younique?

  • This is the most flexible job you will ever have, because Younique really is an online business you’re able to choose when you work, and where you work from. I work full time and run my Younique business from my phone or ipad when I’m in the car, bed, hotel, gym, garden, you name it practically anywhere. I was even working from the beach when we went to Croatia last year, and from a festival campsite! It is soooooooo flexible, and you decide how much you work as well. You don’t have to have any stock in, customers are able to buy direct from your website and have their products delivered straight to their home.
  • You are in complete control of your success and how much money you earn – no more relying on someone else to decide if you’re going to get a pay rise. By starting with Younique you’re starting your actual own business – but minus the usual risks of starting a business.
  • You don’t need any qualifications, sales experience or any knowledge of makeup and makeup application to do this job. We mentor and train all new presenters to give them the foundations to build their businesses on.
  • Younique presenters are the most amazing, supportive  group of women (and some men). You will meet and build true friendships with people all over the world, from all walks of life – full time working, single parents, stay at home parents, part time workers, students, retired ladies …
  • We’re a mission based company. The founders of Younique started this business to enable them to create a foundation (Younique Foundation) to help women who have been sexually abused as children and teenagers. Their mission, and everything that we do within Younique, is to Empower, Uplift and Validate women like you an me.

I hope this helps answer some of your immediate questions about this incredible opportunity, if you want to find out more or have other questions, just send me a message or comment below. Or if you’re ready to join this amazing, life changing business click here – Ready to Join


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