How to get a flawless, line free, silky smooth, photo finish complexion

So I’m in love ….. or as close to being in love and happy as I can be whilst my partner’s living it up in Ibiza and I’m in the UK running round like a headless chicken. Why am I happy – I got my delivery of free makeup last night – all of the new Younique products launched this autumn. This includes the new liquid foundation and liquid concealer. WOW. Continue reading


5 amazing things you need to know about Younique

So you’re probably reading this after having a conversation with me or someone else about Younique, or you might just have stumbled across this when reading my blog. Either way, hopefully the info below will give you some useful insights into this amazing company and the opportunity it provides anyone and everyone!!

What is Younique? Younique is currently the fastest growing online, direct sales cosmetic company. So instead of spending millions on having beauty counters and beauticians in department stores selling their products alongside a big global marketing and branding team, Younique pay the likes of you and me to share the love for their products. Continue reading