Festival Beauty Essentials Part 2

It’s official we’re now into full summer festival mode – whoop whoop! Mine starts in 6 weeks time – festival combined with a 2 week summer holiday in Croatia, and I cannot wait!! So I’m starting to think about what I need clothes and makeup wise for festivals and holidays.  Online orders for clothes have gone in, now for the makeup!  You can find my first half of this post about festival essentials here, and these are my other top 5 items that you NEED to survive the wonderful craziness of a music festival!

015e7c2121621438c95ef7165548e85af2409e7360Mineral Pigments: An absolute essential for festivals as they can be used for soooooo many different things – the obvious is as an eye shadow, but also eye liner (used wet these are like gel liners – well better the gel liners actually), again used wet – use them as face paints to create some beautiful festival looks, and finally used with water or hair serum – create multi colour hair dyes.  And you only need 4-5 different colours to take you through the festival weekend (you can buy them in sets of 4 at a special discounted price, and can choose from a range of 30 matt and shimmer colours to stand out at your summer festival.

White eyeliner: Festivals invariably mean lack of sleep! But it’s a time when you want to look good too.  White eye liner is like caffeine for your eyes and your face, this will be your saviour when it comes to looking fresh, gorgeous and awake ready for another day of dancing. Applying white liner to your lower waterline of the eye creates the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes – just what you need after 3-4 hrs of sleep.  Adding it to the inner corner of your eyes also makes your Younique Moodstruck Mineral Pigmentseyes look bigger as well. There are loads more ways of using white eye liner as well, but I’ll save that for another post.

Shine makeup remover cloths: These makeup remover cloths are just brilliant, and more than just face wipes.  One cloth will remove ALL face paints, mascara and makeup, and really cleanse your skin – which is essential at festivals after being outdoors all day, and when water and face wash just isn’t an option. They smell gorgeous and leave your face feeling really clean, refreshed and moisturised – no dry, tight feeling after using these.

Blending buds: So I have to admit before I got these, I didn’t really know what they were and what the hype was all about with ‘beauty blenders’, but I did know they were a core staple in all makeup artists kits.  They have revolutionised how I apply makeup and are perfect for festivals – when you need to take less of everything! They are sooooo versatile. They can be used to apply foundation – cream and powder, BB cream, concealer, blusher, bronzer and eye shadow.  Not only do they do all the things that 5-6 different makeup brushes do, they also create a flawless finish on your skin – as you apply your makeup in a ‘dabbing’ motion, and your products last longer as you don’t use as much when you apply with the blending buds.01b2de2ed6f93ab3e3ad559144bbeda2562c0132e4

Beachfront bronzer: This is an amazing product for both the summer and the winter, and perfect for festivals when you want that gorgeous, sun kissed look and glow without damaging your skin and causing lines and wrinkles from sun exposure. Using a bronzer gives all the benefits of having a tan – hiding imperfections, redness, tiredness and spots – its a feel-good product. There are 3 different shades to suit all complexions and you can apply more/less according to your natural skin tone and as your tan develops. It comes with one half shimmer and one half matt – meaning that you get just the right amount of ‘glow’.  The matt side can also be used for contouring as well. I was previously a Benefit hoopla bronzer girl, but no more.

So there you have my top 10 festival beauty essentials to make sure you look gorgeous and glowing across the whole festival weekend! Check out all of these fab products at Lashesandgloss!