Summer and festivals are coming … What to wear?

Bold Red Summer Festival
I’m now on countdown to Ultra Europe ….. less than 3 months, plus this warm sunny weather in the UK is getting me in the mood for summer. So that, combined with my coach changing up my food and training for this last push through my fat loss phase, is making me think about shopping, specifically shorts and holiday / festival clothes.

There’s so much gorgeous stuff it’s like waahhhhh help! So I decided to start with my favourite lip gloss colours at the moment – both reds! Which is unheard of for me …. I’m normally a nude, neutral lip colour girl but I’ve been building my stock of Younique lip glosses and I’ve fallen in love wiimageth the reds in this range – ladylike and lethal. And then I’ve started to build out my outfits from there – seems as good a place to start as any. Although I’m sure I’ll build out a lot more mood boards over the next couple of months.
The other thing I love about these lip glosses is that they’re not sticky like usual lip glosses, meaning that my hair doesn’t get stuck in them (if you have long hair you’ll relate to this!) but give a really good deep colour and coverage. There are some gorgeous lip pencils that really compliment the glosses as well, but I’ll give you with more info on those another time.