How personal development led me to this awesome recipe …

One of resolutions for this year was around personal development and this is resulting in me reading, listening to and watching a lot of books and videos.  I was watching/listening to one of Sarah Robbins youtube videos today (highly recommended for personal development and more specifically network marketing – def check her out!), and she happened to mention that her sister had built out a business called Dashing Dish which was a website with some awesome healthy recipes on.

Healthy… recipes …. food – yep definitely got my attention, so I had a look and it looks aoatmeal-protein-shake-main1 great website. I found this oatmeal cookie protein shake and this is definitely going onto my list to fit into my food plan for this weekend. if I remember I’ll take a pic of the end result.

But there are so many other good protein shake ideas on there as well, and I haven’t even had time to check out all the other recipes!

What are your go-to food blogs and websites?