Fat loss, Carbs and refeeds

You can imagine my excitement when my cwt coach told me it was time for introducing refeeds into my plan! I’d heard about infamous refeeds but didn’t really understand how they worked too much. I still can’t explain the detail of the science behind your hormones etc in your body, but do know that having refeeds can help bring your body back into balance and so be in a better state for continued fat loss.

If you want to read more about refeeds, this is a great refeed article from Lean Bodies Consulting.

What are refeeds???01974655033a49ccab86e257f23250c756804f8af1

Basically I have a fixed amount of carbs for the day split across 5 meals, plus obviously my usual protein – so my total cals intake for the day is a LOT more than my usual days. I can choose whatever carbs I have, as long as they’re low fat. I started on what now seems pretty small refeeds but actually I think are maybe the standard starting point for someone my size. They happen on Saturdays, and on a training day.  I check in my weight with my coach on the Friday morning and based on that, and also how I’m ‘feeling’ (progress, leaning etc) she will adjust my refeed accordingly. I’m currently in refeed heaven – I started on 250g carbs for the day – I’m now on 450g carbs for the day and unbelievably I’m still seeing progress. I’m still leaning off?!?! Amazing. I really think this is the most amount of carbs I’ve ever eaten in my whole life lol. When I first started with the refeeds I struggled to eat it all, and had stomach ache by the end of the day.  Now – I can eat all of it, no problem and don’t have any stomach ache. Crazy how your body can get used to it.

So here’s a quick peak at my refeed (carbs only) from last Saturday:

Breakfast – 140g oats (dry) and honey


PWO yumminess … the yellow on the bagel is trutein lemon meringue frosting (protein powder & water) – amazing!

PWO: Cinnamon and raisin bagel, mini marshmallows and parma violets

Lunch: Tildas lime & coriander basmati rice, frosties and salted pretzels

Mid pm: Wholemeal bagel, pretzels and frosted wheats

Dinner: Chips (Homemade baked in oven), baked beans and rice pudding

I’m dreading the day when my refeeds stop lol. I’d love to hear what low fat carbs you’d also recommend.  I have quite a few favourites – you’ll see cereals feature quite a lot! Any ideas??