Festival Makeup Essentials

Festival season is coming, OMG I cannot wait! I currently have 2 festivals planned this year – Ultra Europe in Croatia in July and then Creamfields in August. I know that both will be incredible. I love love love Creamfields and get post festival blues sooooo bad after that one.  Ultra Europe is a new one for us, but we did go to Ultra in Miami last year (again getting blues from that at the moment with all the posts about it happening next week!), and so I know Ultra Europe will be awesome too …. it’s Ultra right???? and there are so many good tunes out right now, but I’ll save that for another post.

So festivals – we have limited space in our rucksacks right (especially as with creamfields once you’re in, there’s no going back to your car!) and so only essentials get packed – but makeup is a must have for all females, and some males.

For me these are the important factors for my festival makeup…..

  • Has to last all day as there aren’t any decent toilets / bathrooms to go and reapply makeup in.
  • All weather-proof. UK Festival weather goes from one extreme to another – your makeup needs to work in rain, wind and heatwaves!
  • Multi-tasking makeup. I need makeup items that will do multiple things so that I keep the weight of my rucksack down.
  • Need to be able to easily remove it with baby wipes or something akin to that – no special pots of different makeup remover – I don’t have the space in my bag.

And the bolder the brighter when it comes to festival makeup, so here is the first instalment of my top absolute makeup must haves at festival time:

  1. Lashes – and specifically 3D fiber lash 156071_910544125644079_2012050082993779342_nmascara.  You need fabulous long lashes at festivals, but all the dancing and long days means that false lashes could end up down the side of your face by the end of the night. The 3D fiber lash mascara from Younique gives the false lash effect but without the hassle of multiple packs of false lashes and glue!

2.  Stiff upper lip stains – again I need lip colour that019a73666d93dae76c174fe42a3c7092f864b59bed lasts for hours not minutes at a festival. I love wearing lipstick and gloss, but when I’m at a festival I just forget to reapply it – so take it everywhere with me but never remember to use it.  The lush lip stains come in some amazing colours and literally do last for hours, even after eating and drinking. You can wear them as is, or apply a clear lipgloss over the top for extra sparkle.

3. BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer – we all want flawless skin all day don’t we, and even more so at festivals. Love, love, love this stuff! 0110a2728429747142aa352c3e969f3bc72e244778

Its a moisturising, tinted BB cream, but unlike others I’ve tried it gives different levels of coverage depending on how you apply it. If you apply it with a buffing brush you get full foundation like coverage, yet apply with damp blending buds and you get a more tinted moisturiser effect. Its perfect for festivals as its so moisturising you don’t need to take an additional moisturise with you – so save on the baggage!! More room for vodka 😉

4. Baby wipes – Are a must have, for lots of different reasons whilst at festivals – but these are your go-to for removing makeup, as you don’t always have the luxury of water and face wash, and taking face cleansers etc is again just unnecessary weight.  But I need makeup and mascara that comes off with baby wipes.  I’ve had some mascaras (expensive ones as well), that are great when wearing but take way too much rubbing of eyes to remove. I’ve tried and tested the 3D fiber lash mascara and BB cream with baby wipes and they get the thumbs up!


5. Sunscreen for the face – Even at UK festivals when the clouds are grey, this is an absolute must. Somehow those rays still manage to get you and you end up with shade marks around your eyes and a bright red nose – not a good look on your first day. Not to mention the damage it’s doing to your skin underneath. I’ve really struggled to find a sunscreen for my face that doesn’t bring me out in spots, make my face really oily or sting my eyes. But I found the SkinCeuticals one last year and it’s AMAZING. It doesn’t feel greasy, absorbs into your skin, doesn’t leave a white effect and even works a bit like a face primer for your foundation.  2 in 1 again for festivals.

Part 2 of my festival makeup must-haves will be up shortly, including how to create beautiful stand-out eyes and face painting, but I’d love to know what your festival or holiday essentials are – is there anything else I need to know or try?