How personal development led me to this awesome recipe …

One of resolutions for this year was around personal development and this is resulting in me reading, listening to and watching a lot of books and videos.  I was watching/listening to one of Sarah Robbins youtube videos today (highly recommended for personal development and more specifically network marketing – def check her out!), and she happened to mention that her sister had built out a business called Dashing Dish which was a website with some awesome healthy recipes on. Continue reading


Fat loss, Carbs and refeeds

You can imagine my excitement when my cwt coach told me it was time for introducing refeeds into my plan! I’d heard about infamous refeeds but didn’t really understand how they worked too much. I still can’t explain the detail of the science behind your hormones etc in your body, but do know that having refeeds can help bring your body back into balance and so be in a better state for continued fat loss. Continue reading

3D fiber lash mascara – application tips

Ok ladies, you’ve got this amazing 3D fiber lash mascara and now want to know the best ways of applying it, how to get the best results. What I would say – even after following the tips below – practice, practice, practice. The more you use it the better you’ll get at applying it and know what works for your lashes.


In addition to your mascara, I recommend you invest in a decent lash comb, this really will make a big difference to the results you get from your 3D lash mascara.

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Festival Makeup Essentials

Festival season is coming, OMG I cannot wait! I currently have 2 festivals planned this year – Ultra Europe in Croatia in July and then Creamfields in August. I know that both will be incredible. I love love love Creamfields and get post festival blues sooooo bad after that one.  Ultra Europe is a new one for us, but we did go to Ultra in Miami last year (again getting blues from that at the moment with all the posts about it happening next week!), and so I know Ultra Europe will be awesome too …. it’s Ultra right???? and there are so many good tunes out right now, but I’ll save that for another post.

So festivals – we have limited space in our rucksacks right (especially as with creamfields once you’re in, there’s no going back to your car!) and so only essentials get packed – but makeup is a must have for all females, and some males.

For me these are the important factors for my festival makeup…..

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