I’m back …

So I started well …. Goal was to get my blog up and running by the end of Jan – goal hit! But then nothing. Struck down with various cold viruses and I’ve only in the last couple of days felt like normal, but I have been making a note of everything I want to blog about. So back on it Where to start though? A good place might be one of my passions – you might have already got an inkling that I love lifting weights and going to the gym –

my goal is to have amazing shoulders that ‘pop’ but I think this is also my weakest area.  I train with an online coach at Curls and Whey (CWT) – look them up on Facebook.  I’ve been training with them for 12 months and they really are great, as is my coach.  I’ve had a number of personally trainers previously, followed multiple different types of plan off the internet, but the one on one coaching with CWT cannot be beaten. They have a different approach to most other trainers and plans, really do advocate a fitness lifestyle rat her than a ‘diet’ but also provide so much good info for free on their blogs, facebook pages and also on the Lean Bodies Consulting page and forum (that’s CWT’s big brother coaching team). If you’re into your weights, training and have physique related goals, defintely check them out. As with many people who train with weights, protein powder is one of the standard supplements that I use – mainly just for my post workout meal or in emergencies when I haven’t prepped my food for the next day (my bad!). I’ve tried loads of different ones – leading brands including Optimum Nutrition, MSN Syntha6, PHD, as well as some of the cheaper brands such as myprotein and bulk powders.  For me the important things I look for in a protein powder are:

  1. Taste
  2. Amount of protein, and other ingredients that might be added
  3. Price

By far my favourite is Trutein, unfortunately CWT got me into this stuff – the unfortunate part being that only 3-4 websites seem to stock it in the UK and it sells out fast! The flavours are amazing though, I currently have lemon meringue pie (could be my all time fav), cinnabun, chocolate peanut butter, mocha caramel, red velvet cake and peanut butter and marshmallow cookies – can’t you tell I’m addicted! If you use protein powder and have never tried this stuff – you need to!  I’ll do a separate blog about all the different ways I use it another day – very rarely do I take it as a normal shake!


I was honestly so excited when these bad boys arrived yesterday.  Can any of you relate to this? What other protein powders have you tried and absolutely love that I should check out?